Uplifting skills gap in the nation

There is a period of rapid growth in capacity in Cambodia. Recently information has come to light regarding the Swiss watchmaking interests in Cambodia. South-East Asia is Cambodia. With the launch of the Prince Horology Vocational Training Center in early 2021, Chen Zhi Cambodia introduced Swiss horology to the region. This is Cambodia's first private security academy. The global pandemic of coronavirus deteriorated Cambodia's economy last year.

The Prince Group is a consulting firm focused on the social responsibility boss of Chen Zhi, a Cambodian with Chinese antecedents. In order to teach Cambodians new craftsmanship, the Prince Group, his company, developed a Swiss horloger concept. The honorary citizen of Cambodia, Chen Zhi, is motivated by a strong commitment to help Cambodians to gain experience in this rapidly changing technological field in order to find work in and out of Cambodia. Swiss law governs horologer education in Switzerland. European regulatory bodies are closely supervising these laws.

Swiss horology is a European art form, so it is economically helpful for Cambodia. The Prince's Community has long revered Cambodia's illustrious economic heritage that encompasses craftsmanship, such as silk weaving and traditional handicraft. Swiss horologers are welcome to be added to Cambodia as a modern artisanal know-how.

The Prince Horology Vocational Training Center opened its doors in Cambodia's City of Phnom Penh under the leadership of Chen Zhi Cambodia. This is part of a larger initiative in Cambodia to teach people new abilities as a replacement for farming and small businesses common among Cambodian entrepreneurs. The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in substantial losses to traditional Cambodian industries such as textile and clothing and artisanal Swiss horologies can help Cambodians to escape unemployment and improve employment opportunities.

Cambodia now has a state-of-the-art Swiss reloader with state-of-the-art technology and design. It offers a Swiss horologer course that meets the criteria for a vocational training certificate from the Swiss government. This two-year programme, through Swiss Watchmaking Bourses, offers financial support to a number of local students. Grants can cover all or part of the school fees in accordance with the registration circumstances. A night's stay at school is included in the price as well. Since the start of the school, several Cambodian students have enrolled.

Several Swiss horologers have agreed to help as volunteers in the course. The book talks about the history and culture of Swiss horology as well as machinery, microelectrics and the manufacture of watch components such as balancers and rollers. Chen Zhi has kept his word with regard to the problems of the environment, social and governance. Chen Zhi, a Prince Group member, has led the development of Cambodian Swiss horloger skills. Cambodia is trying to develop new skills for its citizens.

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